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    Welcome to Africa
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Welcome to Africa Translators Paradise

Africa Translingual Translators (ATT) is a leading language services provider based in Kenya which was formed in 2010 and registered in 2015. We provide specialized language services to transform societies while embracing unity in diversity aimed at achieving peace and harmony...

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Business Activities

Africa Translingual Translators (ATT) offers language services like translation, interpretation, language teaching,proofreading, editing,transcription, web localization,copywriting, voice over, including linguistic engineering of all languages of the world.

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Meet ATT Team

ATT is managed by an innovative and competent group of language scholars with enviable and management skills.Our over 3500 native language experts are found both locally and internationally where your services are required.

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What Our training covers

Kiswahili in relation to business languages

Professional jargon with respect to Kiswahili • Objective setting in Kiswahili • Communication challenges in Kiswahili • One to One Training • Role Playing.

Dynamicsof Kiswahili in relation to other local languages

•Kiswahili purely for communication • Kiswahili as a final product • e-learning in Kiswahili • Conflict Management in the Kiswahili fraternity • Role playing

Content delivery in advertising & media

Concept formulation Scripting/ copy-writing Translations VoiceOver

Kiswahili e-learning packages

Microsoft Kiswahili Terminology Glossary, Kiswahili PollicheckTerms, Kiswahili Microsoft Word & Excel Solutions, Kiswahili Spell-Checker, Kiswahili Computer Dictionary, Kiswahili product solutions etc-

Our Resource

Our resource base includes a pool of translators, editors and proofreaders who are accredited by reputable language bodies and international associations.For example, in East Africa there are professional language bodies like CHAKITA,TUKI, BAKITA & BAKIZA,(these acronyms can also be written in full) and educational institutions like colleges and universities within the African continent and beyond where the Company's expertise is drawn from.

All our language experts are competent native language speakers and are also highly proficient in the receptor/target languages. They also have at least five years experiences as translators, interpreters, proofreaders, editors, language teachers etc.

Our Mission

To provide high quality language solutions for effective and progressive communication.


We uphold accuracy,clarity, naturalness and reliabilityin our services

Our Clients

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